Aerospace Engineering Workshop Rules, Regulations and Procedures.

The Aerospace Engineering Workshop provides services, knowledge, skills, and equipment to students and staff of the Aerospace department. For the workshop to function and operate efficiently there are guidelines for those using the facilities and resources. Students and staff are requested to follow these guidelines.
Whenever any piece of workshop equipment is borrowed it must be signed out in the loan book, this is the only way to keep track of tools leaving the workshop. Students borrowing tools are only permitted to use them in the appropriate areas designated for the course or activity, the tools, materials and equipment are not to leave the Department for any reason. During class, students will require the use of many tools, basic tools (ruler, files, set square etc) are supplied in sets and these are located on individual boards with the tools clearly marked. Other tools are located on boards in the main Student Workshop, these tools are ones that are not so commonly used. Each student is responsible for his/her tool set, he/she is responsible for returning that tool set complete to the workshop. Other tools are located in the main workshop, the use of these tools is ONLY by request.

In general adhere to the following GOLDEN rules:

a. If you borrow it, return it!
b. If you make a mess, clean it up!
c. If you open it, close it!
d. If you break it, fix it and/or tell a supervisor!


This is continuous process throughout the session, though cleaning up is also performed at the end of the session. The overall cleaning process is made less intensive by those students who clean up after themselves during the session!! There is time allocated at the end of each class for clean up to be performed. All students must participate in cleaning up, no excuses!! Staff will not clean up after you, if cleaning is not done it will affect you and other students indirectly due to more time being allocated to cleaning and replacing tools. There may be, if necessary a marking system incorporated with cleaning up- we have found this works exceptionally well but is not desirable!! Please see staff for the location of cleaning equipment.

Use of Tools

Use of workshop hand tools located in the main workshop:

The tools located in the main workshop belong to staff (unless otherwise marked), these tools are not to be used by students unless they obtain permission from workshop staff.

Student tools located in the main student workshop:

These tools are available for general student use, students do not need to have one each of these tools, hence students must share these tools during the classes, any group of students may have access to these tools. Once you have finished using a tool from this location ensure you return it promptly since another student may require it.

Student tools located in the main workshop:

a. These tools are located under the bench near the drill presses (see map), these are additional tools for student use and fall under the same category as the previous tools. These tools are all painted RED hence there can be no mistake for not returning them to the correct location.
b. There are additional tool sets available in toolboxes, these may be used after obtaining permission from your supervisor or a staff member.

Student Toolkits located in the main student workshop:

These are small sets of tools available for student use during class, these are located in the main student workshop in a metal cabinet. These tools are mounted on wooden boards that can be taken to various workstations. The tools are clearly marked on each board and are engraved with a set number, please ensure the tools you return are from your set only.

Use of workshop power hand tools

Students are not permitted to use power tools unless directed. The only power tools that will commonly used during this course will be power drills. Please see staff for more details regarding the use of power tools

Use of freestanding small machines

These machines are: drill presses, bench saw, disc sander, band-saw etc. These machines are not to be used by students. The only machine that may be required is the standard drill press, you MUST see a supervisor to obtain special permission to use this piece of equipment

Use of user powered equipment (Guillotine, Folder etc)

Students may use these fixed machines after receiving the correct instruction, students will be using these machines quite often during several sessions. Please ensure you understand clearly how these machines operate, if you are unsure see a staff member or your supervisor.

Use of lathes, mills and other large machinery

These are not to be used by students under any circumstances. This includes any other tools, machines and equipment not previously mentioned.


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