Admin Structure / Year Advisors

AMME Responsibility Table

Head of School : Prof Stefan Williams
Deputy Head : Dr D Auld
School Manager : Catherine Kinsella
General Inquiries :
Main Office Level 4, J07 Room S452
Vinita Martin
Finance Manager : Christy Wang
Postgraduate Administration Officer :
Level 4, Room S442
Bronwyn Sexton
Education Support Coordinator :
Level 4, Room S444
Wendy Liang
Program Directors :
Aeronautical & Aeronautical + Space: KC Wong
Mechanical & Mechanical + Space: Michael Kirkpatrick
Biomedical: Qing Li
Mechatronic & Mechatronic + Space: David Rye
Year Advisers:
Undergrad First Year Advisers: Aeronautical (all majors) : Gareth Vio
Mechanical (all majors) : Ahmad Jabbarzadeh
Mechanical (Combined Degrees): Michael Kirkpatrick
Biomedical : Philip Boughton
Mechatronic (all majors) : David Rye
Flexible First Year : Doug Auld
Undergrad Second Year Advisers: Aeronautical & Aeronautical(Space) : Xiaofeng Wu
Mechanical & Mechanical(Space): Matthew Dunn
Mechanical(Combined Degrees): Michael Kirkpatrick
Biomedical Andre Kyme
Mechatronic & Mechatronic(Space):: Eduardo Nebot
Undergrad Third Year Advisers: Aeronautical & Aeronautical(Space): Liyong Tong
Mechanical & Mechanical(Space): Lin Ye (Deputy Xiaozhou Liao)
Mechanical (Combined Degrees): Michael Kirkpatrick
Biomedical Yogambha Ramaswamy
Mechatronic & Mechatronic(Space): Ian Manchester
Undergrad Fourth Year Advisers: Aeronautical & Aeronautical(Space): Peter Gibbens
Mechanical & Mechanical(Space): Li Chang
Mechanical (Combined Degrees): Michael Kirkpatrick
Biomedical Colin Dunstan
Mechatronic & Mechatronic(Space): Graham Brooker
Research: Matthew Cleary
Research Training: Gareth Vio
Postgraduate Coursework: Doug Auld
Undergraduate Coursework: KC. Wong
International Students: Xiaozhou Liao
Learning & Teaching: Ian Manchester
IT and Computer Support:
IT Director: Doug Auld
PCLAB Manager: Paul Briozzo
Additional Academic Advisers:
Undergraduate Thesis: Rod Fiford
Postgraduate Capstone/Dissertation: Doug Auld
International Exchange (Aero,Mech,Mtrx): Dries Verstraete
International Exchange (Biomed): Colin Dunstan
Practical Experience (Aero): Liyong Tong
Practical Experience (Biomed): Philip Boughton
Practical Experience (Mech): Nicholas Williamson
Practical Experience (Mtrx): Graham Brooker
AMME Workpace Health and Safety:
Coordinator: Rod Fiford
AMME Workshop:
AMME Workshop Manager: Duncan Stenger

AMME Staff and Postgrads Room, Tel, Email details.