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Admin Structure / Year Advisors

AMME Responsibility Table

Head of School : Stefan Williams
Deputy Head (Education) : KC Wong
Deputy Head (Research) : Gregg Suaning
School Manager : Catherine Kinsella
General Inquiries :
Main Office Level 4, J07 Room S452
Vinita Martin
Finance Manager : Christy Wang
Postgraduate Administration Officer :
Level 4, Room S442
Bronwyn Sexton
Education Support Coordinator :
Level 4, Room S444
Wendy Liang
Program Directors :
Aeronautical & Aeronautical + Space: KC Wong
Mechanical & Mechanical + Space: Matthew Dunn
Biomedical: Qing Li
Mechatronic & Mechatronic + Space: David Rye
Year Advisers:
Undergrad First Year Advisers: Aeronautical (all majors) : Gareth Vio
Mechanical (all majors) : Agisilaos Kourmatzis
Biomedical : Philip Boughton
Mechatronic (all majors) : David Rye
Flexible First Year : Doug Auld
Undergrad Second Year Advisers: Aeronautical & Aeronautical(Space) : Xiaofeng Wu
Mechanical & Mechanical(Space): Assaad Masri
Biomedical Gregg Suaning
Mechatronic & Mechatronic(Space):: Eduardo Nebot
Undergrad Third Year Advisers: Aeronautical & Aeronautical(Space): Liyong Tong
Mechanical & Mechanical(Space): Lin Ye (Deputy Xiaozhou Liao)
Biomedical Yogambha Ramaswamy
Mechatronic & Mechatronic(Space): Ian Manchester
Undergrad Fourth Year Advisers: Aeronautical & Aeronautical(Space): Peter Gibbens
Mechanical & Mechanical(Space): Ahmad Jabbarzadeh
Biomedical Colin Dunstan
Mechatronic & Mechatronic(Space): Graham Brooker
Research: Matthew Cleary
Research Training: Gareth Vio
Postgraduate Coursework: Li Chang
Undergraduate Coursework: KC. Wong
International Students: Xiaozhou Liao
Learning & Teaching: Ian Manchester
IT and Computer Support:
IT Director: Michael Kirkpatrick
PCLAB Manager: Paul Briozzo
Additional Academic Advisers:
Undergraduate Thesis: Rod Fiford
Postgraduate Capstone/Dissertation: Doug Auld
International Exchange (Aero,Mech,Mtrx): Dries Verstraete
International Exchange (Biomed): Colin Dunstan
Practical Experience (Aero): Liyong Tong
Practical Experience (Biomed): Philip Boughton
Practical Experience (Mech): Nicholas Williamson
Practical Experience (Mtrx): Graham Brooker
AMME Workpace Health and Safety:
Coordinator: Rod Fiford
AMME Workshop:
AMME Workshop Manager: Duncan Stenger

AMME Staff and Postgrads Room, Tel, Email details.

Contact Info

AMME General Office
Building J07, Level 4, S452
Darlington Campus
Phone and email
Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Local: (02) 9351 2341 | Fax (02) 9351 7060
International: + (612) 9351 2341

Australian Center for Field Robotics
Local: (02) 9351 7126 | Fax (02) 9351 7474
International: + (612) 9351 7126


General Office Opening Hours
The School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering reception is open Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm (excluding public holidays).