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Our Thesis Students

We have a number of students completing their Honours Thesis with USYD Rocketry Team in 2019. In collaboration with the University of Sydney School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering, we are working on research problems at the forefront of modern rocketry. These projects will assist us in developing new ideas and technology to fly on our future rockets.

  • Tim Bleasdale - Hybrid Rocket Engine
  • Tim's project aims to develop and test a hybrid rocket engine with the intention of future use as a propulsion system for the team’s sounding rocket program. Initial testing will be done on a sub scale engine with the intention of developing the test stand and associated apparatus. The engine has been manufactured in house by the University workshop and will utilise an additive manufacturing process to produce fuel grains. The test stand is currently under development and hot fire testing is slated to begin this semester.
  • Mitchell Galletly - Reusable Launch Vehicle
  • Over the course of this year Mitchell will be designing a reusable launch vehicle. Design optimisation will be completed using the feedback from a variety of commercial and academic computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis and trajectory optimisation software packages. Techniques developed from this project will be implemented in future USYD Rocketry Team designs.
  • Jack Davis - Active Control
  • Jack will be researching active attitude control of a sounding rocket by designing and implementing a controller for canard fins on a sounding rocket. This will be used to stabilise/initiate roll as well as implement attitude corrections for control over the rockets flight path.
  • Dorian Larcher  - Aerodynamic Breaking
  • Dorian is working on using aerodynamic braking and optimal path planning for active apogee control of sounding rockets.

School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering, University of Sydney