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From the University of Sydney 

Based in the University of Sydney, we are a dynamic team of student engineers who design and manufacture high power sounding rockets. Our team spans over multiple disciplines of highly technical backgrounds, and it is this diversity that drives our growth and innovation in everything we do. As Australia’s first university-based rocketry team, our dedicated team are constantly pushing boundaries in the rocketry environment.

To the Skies 

Our engineering team is formed by individual subsections specialising in aerodynamics, avionics, payload, recovery, manufacturing, propulsion, flight analysis and structures. Together, we integrate our work with a systems engineering approach to develop rocketry technology capable of reaching new heights.

And Beyond

We want to share our passion for rocketry by hosting STEM based outreach programs. This is a valuable opportunity for senior high school students to embrace the challenges of science engineering with hands on, practical experience.


School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering, University of Sydney