Units of Study

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First Year
AMME1362 Materials 1
AMME1960 Biomedical Engineering 1A
AMME1961 Biomedical Engineering 1B
AERO1400 Intro Aircraft Construct & Design
AERO1560 Introductory Aerospace Engg
MECH1400 Mechanical Construction
MECH1560 Introduction to Mechanical Engg
MTRX1701 Introductory Mechatronic Engg
MTRX1702 Mechatronics 1
MTRX1705 Introduction to Mechatronic Design
Second Year
AMME2000 Engineering Analysis
AMME2200 Introductory Thermofluids
AMME2261 Fluid Mechanics 1
AMME2262 Thermal Engineering 1
AMME2301 Mechanics of Solids 1
AMME2500 Engineering Dynamics
AMME2700 Instrumentation
AMME2960 Biomedical Engineering 2
AERO2703 Aerospace Performance and Operations
AERO2705 Space Engineering 1
MECH2400 Mechanical Design 1
MECH2401 Human-Centred Engineering Design 1
MECH2901 Anatomy and Physiology for Engineers
MTRX2700 Mechatronics 2
Third Year
AMME3500 System Dynamics and Control
AMME3660 Biomanufacturing
AERO3260 Aerodynamics 1
AERO3261 Propulsion
AERO3360 Aircraft Structures 1
AERO3460 Aerospace Design 1
AERO3465 Aerospace Technology 2
AERO3560 Flight Mechanics 1
AERO3760 Space Engineering 2
MECH3260 Thermal Engineering
MECH3261 Fluid Mechanics
MECH3361 Mechanics of Solids 2
MECH3362 Materials 2
MECH3460 Mechanical Design 2
MECH3660 Manufacturing Engineering
MECH3921 Biomedical Design and Technology
MTRX3700 Mechatronics 3
Fourth Year
AMME4111/4112 Honours Thesis A,B
AMME4121/4122 Engineering Project A,B
AMME4790 Introduction to Biomechatronics
AMME4971 Tissue Engineering
AMME4981 Applied Biomedical Engineering
AMME4990 Biomedical Product Development
AERO4260 Aerodynamics 2
AERO4360 Aerospace Structures 2
AERO4460 Aerospace Design 2
AERO4560 Flight Mechanics 2
AERO4701 Space Engineering 3
ENGG4000 Practical Experience
MECH4460 Mechanical Design 3
MECH4601 Professional Engineering 2
MECH4660 Engineering Management
MECH4961 Biomechanics and Biomaterials

MPE Postgraduate Foundation Units of Study

AMME9261 Fluid Mechanics 1
AMME9262 Thermal Engineering 1
AMME9301 Mechanics of Solids 1
AMME9302 Materials 1
AMME9500 Engineering Dynamics
AMME9501 System Dynamics and Control
AMME9601 Professional Engineering
AMME9660 Biomanufacturing
AMME9700 Instrumentation
AMME9901 Anatomy and Physiology for Engineers
AMME9961 Biomechanics and Biomaterials
AMME9971 Appplied Tissue Engineering
AMME9981 Computational Biomedical Engineering
AMME9990 Biomedical Engineering Technology 1
AERO9260 Aerodynamics 1
AERO9261 Propulsion Systems
AERO9301 Finite Element Analysis
AERO9360 Aerospace Structures 1
AERO9460 Aerospace Design 1
AERO9560 Flight Mechanics 1
AERO9760 Spacecraft and Satellite Design
MECH9261 Fluid Mechanics 2
MECH9260 Thermal Engineering 2
MECH9361 Mechanics of Solids 2
MECH9400 Mechanical Design 1
MECH9660 Manufacturing Engineering

Postgraduate/Stream Elective Units of Study

AERO5200 Advanced Aerodynamics
AERO5206 Rotary Wing Aircraft
AERO5400 Advanced Aircraft Design & Analysis
AERO5500 Flight Mechanics, Test & Evaluation Advanced
AERO5700 Space Engineering (Advanced)
AERO5750 Unmanned Air Vehicle Systems
AMME5020 Capstone Project A
AMME5021 Capstone Project B
AMME5022 Extended Capstone B
AMME5222 Research Dissertation A
AMME5223 Research Dissertation B
AMME5101 Energy and the Environment
AMME5104 Applied Safety Systems and Risk Analysis
AMME5105 Risk Management Analysis
AMME5202 Computational Fluid Dynamics
AMME5271 Computational Nanotechnology
AMME5310 Engineering Tribology
AMME5510 Vibration & Acoustics
AMME5520 Advanced Control and Optimisation
AMME5790 Introduction to Biomechatronics
AMME5902 Computer Aided Manufacturing
AMME5912 Crash Analysis and Design
AMME5921 Biomedical Engineering Technology 2
AMME5931 Nanomaterials in Medicine
AMME5951 Fundamentals of Neuromodulation
AMME5958 Nanotechnology in Biomedical Engineering
AMME5962 Introduction to Mechanobiology
AMME5992 Regulatory Affairs in the Medical Industry
AMME5995 Advanced Bionics
MECH5255 Airconditioning and Refrigeration
MECH5265 Combustion
MECH5275 Renewable Energy
MECH5304 Materials Failure
MECH5305 Smart Materials
MECH5310 Advanced Engineering Materials
MECH5416 Advanced Design and Analysis
MECH5701 Computers in Real Time Control and Instrumentation
MECH5720 Sensors and Signals
MECH5907 Orthopaedic and Surgical Engineering
MTRX5700 Experimental Robotics

Special Projects

Advanced, International Exchange and Extra-Curricular Work
AERO2711 Aerospace Engineering Project 1
AERO3711 Aerospace Engineering Project 2
AERO4711 Aerospace Engineering Project 3
AERO4712 Aerospace Engineering Project 4
AMME00** International Exchange
AMME3110 Project A
AMME4010 Major Industrial Project
AMME4110 Project B

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