Fortran 90 Subroutines

Gaussm3.f90 - in honour of Carl Friedrich Gauss, "the Prince of Mathematics"

Module contains:

gauleg - Calculation of GAUSS-LEGENDRE abscissas and weights for Gaussian Quadrature integration

qgauss - N-point Gauss-Legendre single integration

qgss2d - 2D integral by Gaussian Quadrature

qgss3d - 3D integral by Gaussian Quadrature

Gsselm - Solving a system of linear equations by Gauss elimination

identity_matrix - A function that produces an Identity Matrix of dimension (n,n)

Linear_solver - Solving MULTIPLE systems of linear equations by Gauss-Jordan Elimination

LinSolv2 - Gauss-Jordan Elimination with row-column pivoting

LinSolv3 - Gauss-Jordan Elimination with implicit pivoting

LinSolv4 - Gauss-Jordan Elimination with FULL (simultaneous row & column) pivoting

arrange - Rearrange the rows and columns of matrix A according to rearrangement of vector x in a system Ax=B

LUDecomp - LU Decomposition

SVDCOMP - Singular Value Decomposition

svdsolve - Solving System of Linear equations using SVD

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Last Revised 15 June 2000