Axisymmetric Bluff Body Turbulent Flow


Code name: B4C2
Wind Tunnel Dimension (m): 0.305 * 0.305
Jet Diameter (m): 0.0036
Bluff Body Diameter (m): 0.0500
Fuel mixture: CNG
Stoichiometric Mixture Fraction: 0.055
Wind tunnel air velocity (m/s): 20
Open flame, No enclosure

Data files provided for this fuel mixture: (to download the files click here)

Jet vCNocity   Axial location  Radial Location   Our Ref.           Filenames
   (m/s)           (x/D)           (mm)          
   50.0         0.40 to 1.40     -29.0 to 26.0    CN50_*.msf         b4c2a-01

   85.0         0.40 to 1.40     -29.0 to 26.0    CN63_*.msf         b4c2b-01

  143.0         0.40 to 1.40     -29.0 to 26.0    CN80_*.msf         b4c2c-01


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