Piloted Turbulent flame


Code name: pf01
Wind Tunnel Dimension (m): 0.305 * 0.305
Burner Diameter (m) ID and OD: 0.0072 and 0.0076
Pilot annulus (m) ID and OD: 0.0180 and 0.0190
Fuel mixture: CH4 = 100.0% (by vol.)
Stoichiometric Mixture Fraction: 0.0550
Blowoff velocity (m/s): 68.0
Pilot gas mixture: C2H2-H2-AIR=4.3-13.0-83.7 (%by vol)
Pilot Stoichiometric Mixture Fraction: 0.0550
Pilot unburnt bulk velocity(m/s): 3.0
Coflow air velocity (m/s): 15
Open flame, no enclosure

The following values have been used in calculating the mixture fraction:
Total Mass fraction of Oxygen   atoms in the air stream,  Zo,o = 0.233
Total Mass fraction of Carbon   atoms in the air stream,  Zc,o = 0.0
Total Mass fraction of Hydrogen atoms in the air stream,  Zh,o = 0.0
Total Mass fraction of Oxygen   atoms in the fuel stream, Zo,f = 0.0
Total Mass fraction of Carbon   atoms in the fuel stream, Zc,f = 0.7485
Total Mass fraction of Hydrogen atoms in the fuel stream, Zh,f = 0.2515

Data files provided for this fuel mixture: (to download the files click here)

JJet velocity      Axial location    Radial Location  OUR REF.      Filenames
   (m/s)             (x/D)              (mm)          
  36                 10              see tp10a.dat   CP10A*.*       pf01a10.*
  36                 20              see tp20a.dat   CP20A*.*       pf01a20.*

  41                 10              see tp10l.dat   CP10L*.*        pf01l10.*
  41                 20              see tp20l.dat   CP20L*.*        pf01l20.*
  41                 30              see tp30l.dat   CP30L*.*        pf01l30.*

  48                 10              see tp10b.dat   CP10B*.*       pf01b10.*
  48                 20              see tp20b.dat   CP20B*.*       pf01b20.*
  48                 30              see tp30b.dat   CP30B*.*       pf01b30.*
  48                 50              see tp50b.dat   CP50B*.*       pf01b50.*

  55                 10              see tp10m.dat   CP10M*.*      pf01m10.*
  55                 20              see tp20m.dat   CP20M*.*      pf01m20.*
  55                 30              see tp30m.dat   CP30M*.*      pf01m30.*
  55                 50              see tp50m.dat   CP50M*.*      pf01m50.*


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