Currently there are two types of memberships available: Professional and Student member.

Professional Membership

For an individual who is working or interested in the field of computational mechanics or in a related activity who has demonstrated competence in the practice of computational mechanics. The professional membership is the most common membership chosen.

Professional Member Rate: $50 per year


Student Membership

For an individual who is carrying at least 20 percent of a full-time academic program in the field of computational mechanics as a postgraduate or undergraduate in a school. Proof of student enrolment is required. After the student member completed his or her study, the membership is automatically transferred to a professional member status.

Student Member Rate: $20 per year


Membership Benefits

As a member of AACM, you receive the quarterly newsletter of AACM, enabling you to access domestic and international information in the field of computational mechanics. Since AACM is an affiliate of the Asian Pacific Association for Computational Mechanics (APACM) and International Association for Computational Mechanics (IACM), you are connected to an international community of scholars and practitioners working in CM and involved in planning numerous international conferences and symposia on CM topics, including the World Congress on Computational Mechanics held every two years.

As a member of AACM, you are eligible for AACM Prizes and Awards for outstanding contributions in CM. The awards recognise noteworthy work and accomplishments in Computational Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, and general Computational Sciences. The AACM Prizes and Awards are announced every two years at the AACM organised conference.

As a member of AACM, you can meet new colleagues and maintain friendships through AACM organised conferences. You can also have access to online listing of current jobs available in the CM community.


Membership Application

To become a member, you can register in the upcoming conference 3rd Australasian Conference on Computational Mechanics (ACCM2018) organised by AACM. The registered authors will become members of AACM for a two-year term.

Please send us an email if you have any inquiries, email: