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Welcome to AACM

Australian Association for Computational Mechanics (AACM) is a professional association of academics, industry staff, postgraduate students, undergraduate students who have vested interest in fostering excellence and innovation in computational mechanics. It is also an affiliate of the International Association of Computational Mechanics in Australia.

The general goal of AACM is to improve the performance of computational mechanics in Australia. The functions of the association are to:

  • Increase the participation rates of graduates in the research of computational mechanics, especially of women and non-traditional sources of students.
  • Promote the research and use of computational mechanics techniques and methods in commercial applications.
  • Provide assistance to the early career researches and engineering students.
  • Make the association the focal point for information on all aspects of computational mechanics within Australasia.
  • Develop co-sponsorship of the association by other engineering professional associations in Australia or other countries.