Australian UAV SIG

Australian UAV Special Interest Group

This Special Interest Group (SIG) on UAVs was initiated by a meeting of people interested in UAVs on Friday 28 February 1997.  The Australian UAV SIG.  Membership is currently open to anyone having an interest in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Remotely Pilotled Vehicles (RPVs), and/or drones.  This SIG could eventually lead to the formation of a regional UAV association or organisation to look after the interests of UAV researchers, developers, and users.

Since inception, the Australian UAV SIG has supported and promoted many UAV related meetings and conferences.  Most of the communication has been done through the group's e-mailing list.  This list is not given to anyone else.  This web page is intended to be a one-stop reference for members.  However, resource constraints have hindered its regular updates.  This is currently being addressed, so we look forward to a completely revised web page soon.  Please keep visiting.

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Terms of Reference, Objectives, Roles:

Name:  Aust UAV-SIG - Australian Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Special Interest Group
MISSION:  - To promote the use and development of UAVs and their applications within Australia, and to establish and maintain indigenous technological capabilities for the development and operationof UAV's and their payloads.
Specific areas of activity (Terms of Reference):

Technology areas (expandable):

Communication modes:


Affiliation of the "society" with aeronautical, engineering, and/or other professional societies may be beneficial in terms of transfer of information and extending the support network. This will require morediscussion. Possible affiliations have been suggested with:

Suggestions regarding this proposal are welcome.

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