Any paper presented at WCSMO-11 by a "young" researcher (under the age of 35) can be proposed as a recipient of the ISSMO/Springer Prize by any participant of the congress. The work should be entirely or primarily done by the young researchers; hence, a supervisor might also be on the paper, but the first author must be the nominee. The prize-winning paper will be selected by the ISSMO Executive Committee. To qualify for the Prize, the author(s) must submit a full paper by 31 March 2015.


To grow new generation of scientists in structural and multidisciplinary optimization research, up to 10 Congress ECR travel fellowships will be awarded to those eligible participants who are current postgraduate students or postdocs (within five years of the PhD). The awards will be decided by the WCSMO-11 local organizing committee in consulting with International Paper’s Committee. To qualify for the award, the ECR author must submit the full paper together with a one-page c.v. (including a publication list) by 31 March 2015.