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Sydney Airport is unique in its proximity to the city centre and is just 8km/5miles from Sydney’s stunning harbour, pristine beaches and the World Heritage-listed Sydney Opera House. For delegates, this means travel time is kept to a minimum – around 25 minutes by car – as are transfer costs from the airport to hotels.

Whether transferring to hotels or between terminals, there are a range of cost- effective transport options available. The fast Airport Link Train reaches Central Station in just four stops and 13 minutes from the International Terminal, and regular shuttle services are also available. Taxis are plentiful and can be secured at the sheltered taxi rank on the lower level of each terminal building.

Approximate cost to the city (one way):

Method of Transport AUD$
Taxi $30-$50 (plus $3.50 airport toll)
Train $17.30
Shuttle* $15-$35
* Note - some hotels provide complimentary shuttle services to and from the airport

Local City Transport

To save your money, you could purchase an Opal card. The Opal card is an easy, convenient way of paying for your travel on public transport (including bus, train, ferry, light rail). The Opal system is an electronic ticketing system, similar to Oyster in London or Octopus in Hong Kong. You can order an Opal card online or over the phone from (+61) 136725 before you leave home. If you are already in Sydney, you can purchase an Opal card at 1,800 retailers. For more information on the Opal card, please visit the Opal card website for tourists.

  • Opal can help you budget for your stay. No matter how much public transport you use within a week, you never pay more than $60 for Adult.
  • If you're here for around a week or longer you can earn free travel rewards. Simply complete 8 paid journeys in a week (from Monday to Sunday) and travel for the rest of the week is free.
  • Make the most of sightseeing on Sundays anywhere from Nowra to Newcastle, or Blue Mountains to Bondi and only pay a maximum of $2.50.
  • You can travel on public transport all day, happy in the knowledge you won't ever pay more than $15 for Adult.
  • The Sydney Airport train stations are owned by a private company that charges a Station Access Fee of $13.00 for Adult. With Opal, this fee is capped at $23 weekly for Adult.

Vivid Sydney 2015

Vivid Sydney is a unique annual event of light, music and idea, featuring an outdoor 'gallery' of extraordinary lighting sculptures, a cutting-edge contemporary music program, some of the world's most important creative industry forums and, of course, the spectacular illumination of the Sydney Opera House sails. Please enjoy the harbour cruise on the first day of WCSMO-11 conference, 8th June 2015. Don't miss out!

Sydney University, Image; Kokkai Ng Photography

Sydney Opera House, Image; Asher Shellim Films