Tissue Engineering Network Research

ADATE aims to help researchers and their future collaborators find each other, whether they be from across campus, across the city, or from the private sector.

Researchers and clinicians in ADATE cover a wide range of research and clinical disciplines, in locations across Sydney, including Universities and other research organisations, hospitals, and in the private sector. 

Researchers in the network range from applied scientists (working on new materials for e.g.), to biomedical scientists (working on understanding how the body works and cures for diseases and conditions), to biomaterial and device manufacturers, through to clinical specialists and surgeons, who are often the end users of tissue engineering research outputs.

Where possible, we have:

  • People listed by the Clinical Areas for which they have carried out or applied their Tissue Engineering or Biomaterial research.
  • People listed by the Technology or skills which they apply to their Tissue Engineering or Biomaterial research.


[For corrections or updates to the information provided in this section, please contact the ADATE office.]