Bluff-Body Stabilised Premixed Flames in Vitiated Co-Flows



This project is aimed at investigating the structure of highly sheared turbulent premixed flames where the shear rates are sufficiently high to form and distributed reaction zones. This is an extension of an earlier study where a piloted premixed jet burner in vitiated co-flows (PPJB) was used to stabilise such highly sheared flows. Turbulence-chemistry interactions in flames with distributed reaction zones are different from those in thin flames and this posed new challenges to modellers. The main issue with the PPJB was the presence of a stoichiometric pilot which added a flow stream with a new reaction progress variable. The bluff-body stabilised burner studied here removes the stoichiometric pilot stream at the expense of a more complex recirculating flow at the exit plane. More information will be supplied as it becomes available.

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