The Clean Combustion Research Group in the School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering at the University of Sydney aims to advance current understanding of turbulent combustion of gaseous and spray fuels. Issues of ignition, turbulence-chemistry interaction, spray-flow interaction, transients and instabilities, stratification, and partial premixing are investigated using a range of fuels and burner geometries. Advanced diagnostic tools are used to provide a comprehensive data base that forms a benchmark for validating and improving combustion models and simulations.

The extent of the available depends on the burner configuration. For some burners, such as the piloted, bluff-body and swirl-stabilised burners as well as the piloted premixed jet burner in vitiated co-flows, a comprehensive set of detailed measurements of velocity, temperature and composition of various species are provided for a range of fuel mixtures. In spray flames, as well as in the auto-igniting flames of gaseous fuels, velocity field data and droplet fluxes (where relevant) are provided but the composition data are limited to planar imaging of selected species. High-speed of LIF-OH is becoming available for selected flames although the storage and presentation of such information is a challenge.

This section provides data for the burners listed below. You can access these data by clicking on the following links:

(Note: On-going work and results on other burners and flames can be found in projects.


 Piloted Flames Database


 Bluff-Body Flows and Flames Database


 Pulsed Jet LDV Data
 High Speed Pulsed Jet Data
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 Swirl Flows and Flames Database

 Spray Jets and Flames Database

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 Piloted flames with Inhomogeneous Inlets

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 Sydney Needle Spray Burner

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